WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

You can now blend your own custom flavored vape juice easily at home!

How does it work?

Making your own vape juice sounds complex and tedious but with Corvexo, it is easier than ever before! All you need is your selected flavorless vape juice and one of our great tasting “flavor shots”. Blend them together, and you are ready to vape!

NOTE: The flavor shots ARE NOT eliquid and should NEVER be vaped alone. 

Our Flavorless Vape Juice

100% USA made flavorless vape juice. Fully Registered and ready to ship to customers and store.  Corvexo products are professionally manufactured under the strictest of guidelines.

Our Flavor Shots

Corvexo has partnered with some of the best manufacturers out there to provide great tasting flavor shots to our customers. Corvexo DOES NOT make these flavor shots. They are provided directly from the manufacturer

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